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Aerial Acts

Silks, Pole, Net, Crane, Disco Ball, Tripod, Hoop, Harness, Cube, Chandelier, Lollipop

Acrobats and contortionists

Duo acro show, solo box contortion, chair contortion, chair balance, human pyramids, handbalance

Stage Shows and Dancers

Flashmobs, Belly Dance, Hawaiian Dance, Salsa/Latin Dance, CanCan, Choreographed Dance shows, GoGo and Podium Dancers

LED and UV Acts

Bioni Ballerina, Robo Glow, Disco Dolly laser show, lazer gloves, uv stage shows

Fire & Sparks

Angle Grinding, Fire breathing/Eating, Body Burning, Fire Dancing, Spinning, Fire Writing

Children's Entertainment

Juggling, Unicyling, Facepainting, Comedy Show, Children's Magician, Toy Costumes, Princesses, Mascots, Human Slinky

Themed Entertainment

Halloween, Xmas, Valentines, Superheros, Toys, Circus, National Day and more.

Roaming Entertainment

Mime, Magician, Wally, Instagram Frame,  Hostesses, Magician, Live Table Roaming, Candy Girls, Shot Girls, Rollerskaters

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Specialist Acts

Airhead Show, Cube juggler, Cry Wheel,

German Wheel, Diabolo mapping show, Interactive Stage Shows