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Bespoke Entertainment

We have entertainment solutions to suit every venue or theme. Let us visit your space and come up with ideas that best suit your event and your audience. After getting to know the space we can suggest acts that are ready-to-go or design something new and special to impress your guests.

Talent Management

We have a collection of highly skilled artists, musicians, and ready-made stage shows available for any event. Tell us want you want and we will take care of the rest.

event entertainment services
entertainment services


Do you have a brand or activation and need promotional staff?

We supply the promotion team, costumes, branded uniforms and accessories. We manage your activation for you whether it is in one venue or multiple on the same day. Should you need help designing the activation we are more than happy to assist with fresh new ideas to hit your target audience.

Event Coverage

In today's market, you need to be ahead of the rest when it comes to promoting your band or event, either by live streaming your success or by capturing the events finest moments on camera. We can turn around a promotional video in no time to encourage the masses to attend your next event.

event entertainment

Media Production

best entertainment services

Event Staff

Bar staff, oyster shuckers, hostesses or ushers. We have a wide selection of professional event staff ready to role. Let our experienced servers and staff help your event run smoothly. 

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